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What Can I Expect From CERT Training?

What to Expect From These Classes

CERT training is a series of classes, taught by qualified professionals that will offer Kitsap citizens real, hands-on training in skills they can apply in their homes and neighborhoods, that will help them prepare for and respond to disasters and large-scale emergencies. We will do this in a comfortable learning environment, with personal safety of primary importance.

You will train in the following areas: 

  • Basic Disaster Preparation
  • Fire Suppression Techniques
  • Disaster Medical Operations
  • Light Search and Rescue Operations
  • Team Organization and the Incident Command System
  • Disaster Psychology
  • Terrorism Incidents


Classes are generally 2.5 hours in length. The culmination of the course is a full scale disaster drill where you will have the opportunity to use the skills you have learned. The drills are held at the Kitsap County Readiness Center Training Complex by the KCDEM office.  

What We Expect From You

The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management asks that individuals who are able to commit the time to attend all classes and the exercise, who have a high interest in bettering their neighborhoods, and who have the potential to become leaders/organizers and share what they learn within their area of the county register for CERT training.

CERT training is in high demand and KCDEM is only able to put on one or two courses per year. If you register for the course but already know that you cannot complete all of the classes in that cycle, you may be taking a spot away from someone who can commit to all of the classes.

Now, we understand that things do happen and life changes daily. If something happens and you have to miss a class, sometimes we can work out a way to make that class up. Otherwise, you may be able to attend the missed class in another city or county. The worst case being that you may have to wait until the next round of Kitsap classes to be able to sit in on your missed class and make it up. A missed class does not mean you have to take the whole course over.  

You must complete a volunteer application and background check prior to attending the first class. All Kitsap County CERT members must register as Emergency Worker Volunteers.


Following Your Graduation

CERT was originally intended to train citizens in disaster preparedness and basic response with the hope that those citizens would go back to their neighborhoods and workplaces and help organize those areas.  CERT grew into a resource to supplement and aid first responders during times of major crisis.

Upon graduation, you will become part of the overall Kitsap County CERT team. It is expected that at the very least you will respond within your own neighborhood and serve as a leader in your area following a major disaster such as an earthquake.

Your team must be activated and called out to assist first responders during a more localized incident. You may also be called on to help with community events such as fairs, parades and other community events. You are not required to assist with “callouts” and assistance requests.

Responding to an incident without being activated, other than immediate emergency situations, may be grounds for release from the Kitsap CERT program and could even lead to legal actions.

KCDEM can assist you with spreading the word about disaster preparedness and organizing your neighborhood or workplace with such programs as Map Your Neighborhood and KPREP.

You will be assigned to one of the county CERT sectors. At this time, these sectors are broken up into fire district boundaries.