Kitsap DEM Home Page


The Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management has a staff of three full-time and two grant-funded employees. Each employee is responsible for different aspects of KCDEM. In addition to the staff, volunteers and other public and private agencies assist with coordinating programs, communication and training activities.

Mike Gordon - Director
Mike Gordon joined KCDEM in October 2005 after six years as the Training Program Manager for the Washington State Emergency Management Division. Prior to his emergency management service, Mike served as a Naval Submarine Officer for 27 years ending his career with numerous tours of duty at Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor Washington.  Mike is also the point of contact for Kitsap County homeland security issues, the Disaster Reservist Program and logistics.

John Szymanski - Region 2 Homeland Security Coordinator
John joined KCDEM in 2003 after retiring from the McDonnell Douglas/Boeing Company where he served in Executive Management for 34 years. He serves as the Region 2 (Kitsap, Jefferson, and Clallam Counties) Homeland Security Coordinator and is the liaison to the State of Washington and the Department of Homeland Security on funding needs for Region 2. He provides oversight and monitoring of Homeland Security funds appropriated to the region. John coordinates with all law enforcement, fire, emergency medical services, and emergency management agencies to ensure the terrorism annex of the Kitsap County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is current and that the region's consequence management following a terrorist event is efficient and effective.

Susan May - Program Coordinator, Public Educator/Public Information Officer
Susan started working for Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management in November of 2007.  She manages the K-PREP program, which includes schools, neighborhoods, and emergency preparedness for businesses'.  Susan also provides public information coordination for day to day and disaster events. Prior to working at KCDEM, Susan coordinated the disaster planning efforts within the Environmental Health Programs of the Washington State Department of Health (DOH), addressing potential terrorism issues.  Some of the areas of concern include drinking water, food safety, chemical response, environmental surveillance, zoonotic/vector diseases, and radiation.  She joined the state as a Radiation Health Physicist and supervised the Nuclear Safety Section which deals with planning and response for radiation emergencies. Susan earned a BS in Biological Oceanography and a BA in Zoology from Humboldt State University. She has experience in a wide range of areas such as emergency plan/procedure development, applied health physics, environmental pathway analysis, education/training, dose assessment, and radiological emergency response. 


Jason McMillan –Program Coordinator - Operations

Jason joined Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management in October of 2008. Jason serves as a Program Coordinator for Operations and is responsible for the plans and operation of the Kitsap County Emergency Operations Center, communications and training of emergency management operations staff and also heads the County's Credentialing Program.  Prior to working at KCDEM Jason worked with the Jacksonville Community Emergency Response Team in Florida as well as the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Services.  He participated in the World Trade Center Recovery Efforts and several hurricane damage assessments/recovery efforts.  Jason was also a firefighter/EMT for twelve years. 

Michele Moen - Office Assistant
Michele joined KCDEM in August 2005 after many years in the hospitality industry. Michele also works part-time as a treatment aide for the Kitsap Recovery Center. Michele has her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice / Law Enforcement from Olympic College. Michele serves as the Office Assistant and is responsible for the day-to-day business of KCDEM. Michele is also the point of contact for registering community volunteers.