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New Home Retrofit Class Offered in October

9/18/2014 -

Retrofitting  Your Home

History has shown us that houses in Kitsap County, if bolted to their foundations and  walls braced, can withstand much of the damage incurred during significant earthquake activity. Homes built prior to 1985 are the primary focus of the “Bolt it-Brace it-Do it” Home Retrofit Program. This can be accomplished using a two-prong approach to home retrofitting through a partnership with the Homebuilders Association of Kitsap County, Kitsap County Emergency Management and Building Departments of Kitsap County and its Cities and utilizing the expertise of the Simpson Strong-Tie Company for training purposes.

Homeowners can take steps to “mitigate” or reduce the earthquake hazard to their homes. Home retrofitting would involve bolting a wood-frame home to its foundation and providing sheer/pony wall strength. The goal is to increase a home’s structural integrity; however, it does not mean your house is “earthquake proof” (as there is no such thing). Homes can still sustain damage during an earthquake. Past earthquakes have shown that homes not bolted to their foundation, or without proper sheer wall reinforcement can sustain significant damage and become unlivable.

Classes are available to train homeowners and contractors on this process.

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