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Community Points of Distribution

6/10/2014 -

To begin, what is a Point of Distribution?

A Point of Distribution or POD is where the public goes to pick up emergency supplies following a disaster. The need for a POD is based on lack of infrastructure to support normal distribution of food, water, or other supplies.

The Local Emergency Management Agency, or (Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management), determines the need for a POD, the staffing of the POD, the location of the POD, and the commodities to be distributed there.

A POD should accommodate vehicle, pedestrian, mass transit traffic, or any combination of.

Foremost in planning is to identify potential locations. Sites are selected based on population density. We look at traffic patterns. Things such as, will people have to cross a busy street to get supplies?

 Will this POD location cause a traffic jam? Are there frequent or sharp turns? Can large semi-trucks get in and out of this location?





 Next class is July 13th.





 When recovery has reached a point where the local community can sustain itself, the POD will close.

FEMA Instructional Manual