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* 1.  Nationally, President Bush had a call to action for American volunteerism. As a result, the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) became a component of the:
State Department
Justice Department
Homeland Security
Citizen Corps
* 2.  The community benefits from the MRC because volunteers:
Are trained to prepare for self and families
Assist with all hazards
Understand how they fit into an emergency plan
All of the above
* 3.  In the organizational structure, MRC volunteers report to the:
Department of Emergency Management
County Health Department
Regional Homeland Security
Local Emergency Medical Services
* 4.  For volunteers, the MRC provides:
Education and training
Child or elder care
* 5.  MRC volunteers are identified by a/an:
Designation on the volunteer's driver's license
Emergency worker identification card
Special military identification card
AARP membership card
* 6.  Liability during an event is covered by the:
Volunteer's personal insurance
Volunteer Protection Act
County emergency worker program
Local Department of Emergency Management
* 7.  _______________ is a comprehensive, national approach to incident management that is applicable at all jurisdictional levels and across functional disciplines.
ICS (Incident Command Structure)
Homeland Security
NIMS (National Incident Management Systems)
PHEPR (Public Health Emergency Preparedness Response)
* 8.  If a volunteer ever self activates, he/she will report to the:
County health officer
Local law enforcement
Incident commander
Paramedic in charge
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