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Chemicals and Hazardous Materials

Every day we are surrounded by potentially hazardous materials.  Most are used to produce products that improve our overall quality of life, boost crop production and make routine household chores easier.  Despite the beneficial end result, these chemicals and hazardous materials may be very hazardous to humans or the environment if used or released improperly.  Dangerous exposure situations can happen during production, storage, transportation, usage or disposal of these materials.  Despite safeguards and regulations the community and environment are at risk if any hazardous chemical is used in an unsafe manner or released in harmful amounts anywhere we live, work or play.

Kitsap County has numerous local and State routes on which hazardous materials and chemicals are transported.  These transportation routes may run in conjunction with your travel plans or pass nearby your place of residence, employment or adventure.  These transportation routes are over land, rail and water ways, potentially impacting our environmental soils, water and air.  The Department of Health, Emergency Management, Public Works and First Response Agencies are well versed in the management of potentially hazardous materials spills.  Partnering with Hazardous Materials Response Teams from the U. S. Navy, U. S. Coast Guard, Local Responders, Tribes, Commercial Spill Response companies, the Department of Ecology and the Environmental Protection Agency every effort is used to contain, control and minimize any potential hazardous materials release.

Some of the hazardous materials that have been identified as potential risks are fuel spills, chemical release, sewage spill, mercury spill, methamphetamine labs, bulk road waste, and radiological release.  There are response plans in place and responders trained for each of these potential risks.  To learn more about potential local hazards please review the links below:

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